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New model needle organizer

DIY Beautiful embroidery kits 

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DIY Wide range of embroidery kits. The new relaxing in this time.

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Miffy Holland, Dick Bruna

Exclusive baby and children's embroidery kits

nice baby shower gifts!

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Pako has been producing
embroidery kits for more than 70 years !

A family business that has been focusing on the production of handicraft items since 1947. Here you can find everything from embroidery kits, embroidery supplies and related items to make embroidery easier.

We would like to invite you to look
around on our website. 

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Klosjes in kleuren op een rij

Children embroidery kits.

There are licence kits of: Woezel en Pip, Dikkie Dik, Nijntje, Jip & Janneke,, Franciens katten en Buurman&Buurman.


Klossen in kleur

How does embroidery become even easier !

Pako has developed embroidery supplies that make that make embroidery even easier. 

For everyone who does embroidery are those 'embroidery supplies' a must have!

  • Needle-organizer;
    this saves you time and thread because you do not always have to change the thread in the needle.
  • Floss organizer; keep an overview in the yarn. 
  • Line-counter;counting on a pattern becomes much easier. 
  • Needle threader de luxe
    it's magic. You put the needle in the machine, put the thread on it, press a button and the thread is through the eye. Is suitable for needles from size 24 to size 16.

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DIY Embroidery is an art that has existed since humanity uses fabrics. It's very relaxing. 

Embroidery is very modern, with the needle and the thread you can make the most beautiful creations. If you are not in love yet, find the love for embroidery in yourself and begin right away!  Everything you need is included. 

We have a lot of new embroidery kits, such as: 

DIY Animals head wall deco

DIY cushions 100% natural materials 

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Borduren met draad