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About us

A rich history

History of Pako

Jaap Lopes-Cardozo started more than seventy years ago with the sale and distribution of high-quality ironing patterns from his attic in Amsterdam. He did not know at the time that this was the start of a family business. 

An important part of the production is done on self-developed machines. Thanks to the flexible production, the embroidery kits can be continuously customized to market demand. In addition to embrodery kits. Pako has developed useful embroidery supplies, such as the needle and thread holder.                                        

With this rich history, Pako looks to the future with confidence!

A visit from Princess Caroline of Monaco at our exhibition stand.

Borduur maatwerk

Request a customized package

In addition to our own designs in various embroidery techniques, we have license packages and we also make region-specific packages with the client's logo and personal layout.

Would you like to make a custom embroidery for your client with your own company logo /personal layout? Please contact us and we will help you!

Request a customized package